In addition to the various day trips, multi-day tours and adventure expeditions, we also provide other activities in the Surinamese jungle. For example, we organize exciting teambuilding activities and staff outings, but we also participate in television and film productions regularly.


Tui International

For Tui International we have collaborated on the inflight advertising video. We were responsible for the logistics and location determination for the shoot. Together with the film crew we visited six different locations about 300 kilometers apart, all within three days. Our team also fulfilled a figurative role in the production. Both for us and for the cast and crew this was an amazing adventure.

NHK Japan

We contributed to a production for NHK Japan, supporting them for two weeks making recordings in the CSNR Nature Reserve, the largest nature reserve in Suriname. NHK has portrayed the special birdspecies Rupicola Rupicola, its balsity and living environment. For us, it was a huge challenge to transport 700 kilos of equipment, the cast and crew safely to the locations.

Conservation International

For Conservation International, we were responsible for the logistical guidance of creating the first virtual reality film from Suriname. The recordings are made by Jaunt VR. This film is about the people and the rich biodiversity in Suriname, such as the Trio Indians, who still live naturally in the south Suriname jungle.

Sputnik TV

For an episode of the television program ”occupations without borders”, recordings have been made with lorry drivers in Suriname. This production was an extraordinary challenge, as it took place during the rain season. The production was divided into two locations that had to be included within the same timeframe. For this production we were responsible for the transportation, location determination, crew guidance and their housing.