Brownsberg is a nature reserve located on a hill, with a peak of about 400 meters. Brownsberg is famous for the wild Surinamese Jungle and the beautiful flora and fauna found in this area. In addition, it is an ideal place to experience the Surinamese jungle in an adventurous way. Our Brownsberg tour is a two day trip, and it’s all about abseiling.

Brownsberg Xperience

We leave around 8 am for Brownsberg. During the two hour trip, our guide will tell you all about the area. After arriving on the Brownsberg, there is time to enjoy a meal at the viewpoints on the mountain. Next, we will leave for the Leo waterfall, a waterfall of about … meters high. Our guide will first give you a short training on abseiling, and he will make all the preparations for abseiling on the waterfall itself. Then we take about four hours to give you the opportunity to abseil this spectacular waterfall several times, with the guidance of our professional guide. After abseiling, we will walk back to the top of the Brownsberg, where we will take an evening walk to spot all the wildlife that lives around the area.

On the second day, we will take you to a newly rediscovered waterfall on the Brownsberg. This waterfall is about 150 meters high. There are several natural jacuzzis and a natural pool where you can enjoy a swim. After that, you will have the opportunity to go abseiling again. We will stay there for a few hours, so you can ultimately enjoy nature and adventure. At the end of the day we return to the city, where we will arrive around 7 pm.


* It is also possible to come with us to Brownsberg for just one day.
Price: € 95,- per person

2 days


Start 07:00 - End 20:00

Including pick up

Including meals and drinks

Overnight stay in hammock

€ 180,- p.p.

*Price based on 4 people. When departing with more or less people, the price may differ slightly.