The Matawai are Maroon people, living in the last remaining Matawai villages. These towns date back to the 17th century and are located on the banks of the Saramacca River. This area is not only rich in culture and nature, but is also a perfect place for adventure. Our Matawai tour is an extensive six day trip in the jungle, where we will go fishing, kayaking and mountain climbing, and we will visit a centuries old indigenous community in the middle of the Jungle.

Matawai Xperience

On the first day we leave around 3 in the morning by jeep or bus to Boslanti, where we will arrive at 10 am. Here we will board our dugout canoe and head towards our camp across the river. After we arrive, we will set up our camp and have some time to swim or relax. After our lunch in the camp we will take a walk through the jungle heading for the surrounding villages. In the evening we return to the camp, where we will enjoy dinner and a lovely campfire under a sky full of stars.

After breakfast on the second day, we will leave at 9 am for a walk through the jungle, heading to our jungle camp. We build our camp on the riverbed at the foot of the Asch van Wijck Mountains, where we enjoy the beautiful surroundings for the rest of the day.

On the third day, we get out early to the Ebba mountain peak. This climb brings us to a beautiful viewpoint where we have 360 ​​degrees of breathtaking views of the Surinamese jungle. In the middle of the afternoon we descend to the camp again.

We leave early again on day four. After breakfast we start the walk back to the village, where we will enjoy a delicious lunch. After we filled our bellies, it is time to swim, relax and have fun.

On the fifth day we will go down the river with our kayaks. We will pass several wildwater rapids on our way. We also pass the Matawai villages again. To make sure we enjoy it all, we will stop for a picnic regularly. On a beautiful island, surrounded by the rapids, we will have lunch. Here we will also set up our camp for the last night of this Matawai Experience.

After breakfast, we will take our kayaks again and enjoy the adventure on the river. After lunch we return to Pusugrunu per dugout canoe. From there we drive back to Paramaribo, where we will arrive around 10 pm.

6 days


Start 03:00 - End 22:00

Including pick up

Including meals and drinks

Overnight stay in hammock

€ 599,- p.p.

Price based on 4 people. When departing with more or less people, the price may differ slightly.