West Suriname

West Suriname

West Suriname is famous for its beautiful nature and authentic culture. This area is sparsely populated, and is inhabited only by indigenous Indians and the wide variety of wildlive living in this region.

West Suriname Experience

On the first day, we leave Paramaribo early around 1 am in our jeeps. On the way we will spot many animals that are active at night. Around noon, we will arrive at our Matapi camp. Here we will enjoy a delicious lunch and we’ll have some time to relax. Around 3 pm, our guide gives us a short kayak training, after which we go up the river to spot animals. We will reach the Corantijn River around 6 pm,so we will arrive at our Matapi camp before sunset.

After an early breakfast on the second day, we leave for a walk where we will spot many special bird species. Afterwards we head for the Avanavero rapids in the Kabalebo River. In the afternoon we go back to our camp where we enjoy a dinner. We end the day with a campfire under the starry sky.

On the third day we, will get up early again. After breakfast you can choose between different adventure activities for the morning and afternoon. You can go tree climbing in one of the giant trees that are here, or you can go fishing in the river.

The fourth day we leave at 10 am for the Blanche Marie rapids in the Nikerie River. Here we enjoy the beautiful surroundings and have some time to swim, relax and have fun. Afterwards we will take a nice walk. At about 9 pm we go back to our Matapi camp and enjoy a delicious dinner on our last night.

On the last day we leave for Paramaribo after breakfast, where we will arrive around 10 pm.


5 days


Start 01:00 - End 22:00

Including pick up

Including meals and drinks

Overnight stay in bed

€ 499,- p.p.

Price based on 4 people. When departing with more or less people, the price may differ slightly.