Matapica is a nature reserve at the coast of Suriname. The coast mainly consists of wetlands. The matapica beach is a beautiful sand dune in the middle of this area, where seaturtles come to lay their eggs.

Matapica Xperience

Our Matapica tour is a two day trip to this beautiful area. On the first day you will be picked up around noon, after which we leave for Mariënburg. There we will cross the Commewijn River to Plantage Frederiksdorp, where coffee and cocoa were grown before. You will be given a tour of the plantation, with the history of the area being told along the way. After the tour, we take a short walk to the village of Johanna Margretha, where we will enjoy a delicious lunch of Roti Doks, Nasi, Bami and various hot Surinamese snacks.

After lunch, we will take small boats towards Matapica beach. During this 45 minute boattrip through the mangrove, our guide will tell about the various types of birds and other animals we will encounter on our way. After arriving at Matapica Beach, we will have some time to enjoy the surroundings. In the evening, we will make a short boat trip and a short walk on the beach, where we can admire the egg laying process of the different types of turtles. On our way back, we will also be spotting the alligators who are hiding in the swamp. Afterwards, we will spend the night in a hammock camp at the beach.

On the second day, you can take a nice walk down the beach and enjoy the stunning surroundings. After breakfast we return to Johanna Margretha, arriving around 11 am. There will be a delicious Surinamese lunch ready for you when we arrive. Next, we will travel back to the city where we will arrive around 1 pm.


* For the real adventurers, this tour can be expanded with a helicopter flight back or forth.
Additional costs: € 199,- per person

* This tour can also be combined with a visit to Plantation Rust en Werk, Fort Nieuw Amsterdam or Mariënburg.
Additional costs: €…..

2 days


Start 12:00 - End 13:00

Including pick up

Including meals and drinks

Overnight stay in hammock

€ 95,- p.p.

* Price based on 4 people. When departing with more or less people, the price may differ slightly.