Jungle Xperience Suriname will not only show you Suriname, we will let you experience it like never  before. We do that in our own unique way. In addition to all the usual tours offered by other travel organizations, we offer you our selection of unique tours. These tours are carefully compiled and bring you to unique destinations where you can experience activities you will only find with Jungle Xperience Suriname. It is also possible to combine or adjust these tours to your personal wishes.

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures”



Abseiling from a waterfall


Wildwater kayaking across the river


Nature, culture and wildlife


Sun, sea, beach and turtles


Back to basic in the Surinamese jungle

West Suriname

Hiking, kayaking and treeclimbing


In addition to our selected tours, we also offer customized daytrips and tours. Do you wish to compose your perfect adventure yourself? Feel free to contact us. We would love to inform you about our possibilities.

Guest Xperience

Abseiling from a waterfall at Brownsberg, what an experience and experienced guidance! This proved to be valid for the entire two-day tour. Never knew how beautiful and interesting Suriname is. These two guides make a memorable tour of their knowledge, experience and involvement. Deep in the jungle and overnight in the hammock in a traditional village is not something you experience every day. For me an experience I never thought  I would ever have! Thank you so much for the tour, and for our memories. Recommended!

E. van Oorschot