Saamaka is a district in Suriname, which crosses the Saramacca River. It is a beautiful area known for its authentic villages, the beautiful nature and the various wildlife species found around here. But the river is a great place for kayaking as well. Our Saamaka tour is a two day trip, exploring the river with kayaks.

Saamaka Xperience

We leave around 4 am by bus to Atjoni, arriving there around 8 am. Unlike the many other tourorganizations that all go upstream heading for the resorts, we will experience our downhill kayak adventure right here. After a short kayak training we will kayak down the river, under the guidance of our guide. On the way we pass the many islands and rapids in the river, and you can endlessly enjoy the beautiful view. After about 5 hours we will arrive in the village of Duatra, an island adjacent to the river. Here we will spend the night with the locals in a hammock camp, which is usually beeing used as a social meeting place in the village. In the evening we will go towards the river again, where we can relax and swim in the sula at sunset.

On the second day we will take a nice long walk around the village after breakfast. Afterwards we will walk through the jungle towards one of the other sula’s. From here, we will row our kayaks to a camp called Wallaba, where we will enjoy a Surinamese lunch. After lunch, we head back to Paramaribo, where we will arrive around 7 pm.


* This tour can be combined with our Brownsberg tour, which brings us to the Brownsberg waterfalls where we will go abseiling. This combined trip takes 3 days.
Price: € 299,- per person

2 days


Start 08:00 - End 20:00

Including pick up

Including meals and drinks

Overnight stay in hammock

€ 199,- p.p.

Price based on 4 people. When departing with more or less people, the price may differ slightly.