Guest Xperience

Under the guidance of guides Julio and El I have done this 3-day tour. We spent the first two days at Brownsberg where the view is beautiful! But Brownsberg appeared to offer even more, beeing … Abseiling! With the experience and patience of these guides, this is a great adventure! After Brownsberg we left for the Marronvillage Duatra. What a different culture do the people have there! By staying in your hammock overnight, you will have the ultimate experience!

Marjon Riehl

En route with Gulio and Elaine for our two-day to Brownsberg and more …..Abseiling a waterfall at Brownsberg ……… what an experience and some experienced guidance! This turned out to be true for the whole two day tour ……. never known how beautiful and interesting Suriname is. These two guides make a memorable tour of their knowledge, experience and involvement. Deep in the jungle and overnight in the hammock in a traditional village is not something you experience every day. For me an experience I never thought i would ever have! Thank you so much for the tour and for our memories. Recommended!

Elaine van Oorschot

One of my best experience . It was an opportunity to experience part of the amazon. Reccommended!

Richard Bruce Mural

Julio and his team showed me what REAL Suriname is. By taking me 2 days and a night in to the country. Wild water kayaking, the infinity pool, the nightly jungle ride and sleep in the jungle. Day 1 was unforgettable, but the second day we went to Brownsberg and we abseiled, this was another incredible experience! Want to see the real Suriname, and you are adventurous? Then I would definitely recommend everyone to book this tour! I would like to thank you again for this unforgettable experience.

Valerie Colli